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Don’t forget me summer

by ANNA ZHMURKO 07 Aug 2020

Imagine a summer dream you never have to wake up from. One that lives on in your heart and is brought to life through clothing that represents all of the joy, love, and beauty that makes that season so special. That’s what we long for and is the inspiration behind our “Don’t Forget Me Summer” campaign. More than a campaign, more than a look, it’s the ability to bring the nostalgia of summer with you wherever you are through the magic of wearing colorful, luxurious linens that are imbued with the essence of summer.

Where better to evoke the summertime spirit than the sun-dappled, blue-sea lapped Mediterranean? Brimming with romance, color, and infinite stories to tell, join us on a jaunt around the region’s most beguiling summer sojourns.

For Never-Ending Views 

We chose ancient, atmospheric, beautiful Greece as the destination for our new “Don’t Forget Me Summer” photo shoot, and perhaps nowhere in this magical destination better fits idyllic summer romance than the caldera island of Santorini. Its iconic whitewashed, blue-topped buildings cling to the steep edges of a volcano that exploded during a legendary era of heroes and odysseys—and it remains just as epic today. Take a seat at one of the island’s charming restaurants, which will ply you with plump olives and retsina, as the sun begins to sink behind the sea, an endless spread of sparkling blues before you. Perched on what feels like the top of the world, as the sun bids you good-evening, technicolor streaks of light—pink, purple, orange—are brushed across the sky like an impressionist painting. This is real life and fantasy.

What to wear: 

ZAREENA Maxi Dress 100% Linen
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For Food, Glorious Food

Arrive at Barcelona with an appetite. This Spanish city has been perfecting its cuisine for centuries and its famous tapas is just the beginning. Near tree-lined, pedestrianized La Ramblas, pretty Plaça Reial is not only known for its neo-classical architecture, “Fountain of Three Graces,” and lamps by Antoni Gaudi, but also restaurants with seating spilling out into the plaza where diners can bask in the sunshine while trying paella smelling of spices, herbs and seafood fresh from the Mediterranean. Immersing yourself in the cacophony of buyers and sellers and scents of fresh produce of Barcelona’s markets is a must—like sprawling La Boqueria where you’ll be tempted by everything from pastries and empanadas to foie gras and ostrich eggs. And don’t worry about the calories, you’ll work them off on a flamenco dance floor in the evening.

What to wear:

REGINA Maxi Dress 100% Linen 
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For the Chicest Beaches

Pack your most glamorous sunglasses, largest sunhat, and a few silk scarves for good measure when holidaying in the French Riviera. With the summer months come the world’s most stylish jet set, arriving for opulent hotels overlooking the sea, pastel-colored lanes lined with designer shopping, and beaches where lounging with a chilled glass of rosé or pastis in hand is practically a requirement. Taking up residence on a waterfront sunbed, spend long afternoons à la Côte d’Azur, catching hints of fragrant lavender in the air, watching yachts bob beyond the waves, and peeking out from behind your sunnies at the parade of magnifique glitterati passing by.

What to wear:

ZALIA Maxi Dress 100% Linen
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For Exploration Old & New

The summer days stretch on and on in Rome, so you have plenty of time for fascinating discoveries. Start with a caffè and a cornetto before standing in the shade of the monumental Colosseum and pausing on the Spanish Steps to take in the buzz of Roman life thrumming around you. Strong stone isn’t the only thing that has survived the centuries here, however, and the bucolic Villa Borghese gardens offer respite—and the chance for stolen moments—under its umbrella pines and on an enchanting lake where you can set off on a gentle boat ride while the sun kisses your shoulders. But Rome is not only about the old. Dip into boundary-pushing art galleries that showcase world-class contemporary artists and hip street art, all making for a truly Eternal City.

What to wear:

SOFIA Maxi Dress 100% Linen
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